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Birthdate:Feb 16
Location:Ottawa, Canada, Canada
We are a multiple system called Umbra Decadent. The Umbra Decadent is a construct, a location, a symbolic placement in our mind, and is shaped as a castle. It is alive in its own sense, and grows and shifts, responding to our movement, our thoughts. We have yet to find an end. Above the castle there is a body of stars, left behind from an incident in which Minuit shifted into a panther made of stars, which remained after she returned to us. So here is a rough introduction to all our selves. Written by Tryst, uselessly edited by Minuit (who lacks editing skills), and approved by Vanitas.

Tryst- Age: 22, Gender: Kittengendered/Genderqueer (Pronouns are they, or she). 5’11, blue/green eyes. We’re arguably the body owner, though there is a lot of suspicion the original host left long ago. We have control issues, we’ve been betrayed by many but despite this, we’ve overcome. We’re the most magickal of the group. We do a lot of sigil work, and have used out magickal background to work on invocation of the others in a distinct and controlled manner. The other two feel like younger siblings. This is my blog, but we rarely prevent the others from posting here, if they insist (THOUGH THEY HAVE THEIR OWN TUMBLR ACCOUNTS). We dunno what else to say, you could read our about me section, it is all about Tryst specifically. You’ll speak to her more than anyone else, but the others tend to show up co-frontally.

Vanitas- Age: 11-15 (pending) Gender: Male (Pronouns are male, they, or V). 6’2 Hazel eyes. The shattered prince. He’s been through a lot of pain. He bears our trauma on his back, in a lot of ways. He acts out, he screams, he gets upset. We have abandonment issues, he lives those issues out in ways. He likes horror comics and video games. When he is provoked, he is very much like a wounded, cornered animal, lashing out. He uses profanity, we don’t. He’s destroyed a lot to protect us, burnt bridges. At times, he’s been weak, he bears regret over the things he’s done wrong, for the right reasons. He was born when body was physically four or five. He deals with the most flashbacks to when we were little, wheras Tryst has few memories of back then. He growls a lot. He also holds a lot of passion, and can be quite sadistic, both emotionally and physically. He’s broken through (taken over front) when Tryst has been pushed too hard, and we’ve lost time to him more than anyone else. He’s cut us. We spent a long time afraid of what he was capable of, but not so any longer. He’s really just a damaged child, he needs to feel safe, and in control. He is capable of being loved. He considers Minuit to be his little sister. They are a prince and princess in Umbra Decadent. He loves us, and he needs to be understood, and he pushes people away in such awful manners, because he is scared and would hurt a lot of people to protect Tryst.

Minuit: For ages 1-99. Gender: KITTEH.(Pronouns are She, Kitty, and They) 4’9. The innocence.The princess. Delirium. Playful. Predatory. Into predicaments. Formshifter. She likes to torture lovely kids. She finds safety in Vanitas, despite him being somewhat awful at times. She likes to chase squirrels, and cuddle, and eat people. Unlike Vanitas, she hasn’t written a formal introduction, she has a blog of her own too. But she sucks at words, and complex thoughts. Being adorable and killing things is much easier ^_^. She’s a bit submissive (though puts up quite the fight). She most often cofronts with one of us, because she just loves how it feels. She likes games. She likes to clean, and cook, she is quite domesticated in ways, but is also a huge brat. she feels she deserves the most devotion and attention. Proper pettings, catnip mouses, snuggles of all sorts. She’s also arguably the most charismatic of us. She’s really friendly and affectionate and expects the best from those who interact with us. She is also the most organically sexual of us, she has needs and desires in that regard. Tryst doesn’t have a great deal of interest in sex (though is quite passionate and intimate in her own sort of way), and Vanitas mostly just fucks and beats for power, so she represents a more sensual side to the system. Her idol is Nyu from Elfen Lied. She loves watching Vanitas and Tryst while they play. She can also shift form, but only within the felidae family of animals. She tends to be a lynx/girl when in rested state, but often turns into a leopard or ocelot, depending on her mood. Once she became a panther made of stars, far above the castle. She’s lovely.
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